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Abdul on Abdul

Look!  NEW!  Texas Film Hall of Fame and SXSW 2003 Big stars meet Abdul!
Ask Abdul  Swami Abdul speaks! He answers all your questions!
The Sorcerer wins First Place! See it in Abdul's Animation Gallery
Ushicon  Abdul attends an Anime convention
Abdul in Japan! See Abdul's biggest adventure ever!
Growling Dog, Squishy Roach Shop in Abdul's unusual Toy Store!
Spy Kids 2 Movie Premiere  Abdul meets the stars!
Vallejo!  Abdul hangs out with Vallejo, famous Sony recording artists!
Abdul's Music Videos  He's a musician! Who knew?
Latest Movie! Abdul Saves the World in "A Peaceful Sky"
Latest Game!  Ping-pong! Can you beat Abdul?
Bear Who Walks in Santa Fe  Abdul goes spirit-walking
Abdul in Las Vegas  The bear gets lucky 

Abdul's Movies! 

Abdul Saves the World in "A Peaceful Sky"

Abdul's version of 2001: A Space Odyssey 
"Better than the original" (says Abdul)
It's shocking!  It's tasteless!  It's Abdul... in Bear Babes:
    First see Bear Babes, The Trailer

    Then see Bear Babes, The Movie
Abdul's First Movie:
    Abdul the Great Versus the Lizard Men from Mars

Toy Store!

Visit Abdul's Toy Store.  See the Alien Autopsy Kit and other cool (and sometimes violent, scary, sexy) toys!  This is no ordinary toy store.   Check out Sneaky Abdul's Spy Kit (including hidden-camera sunglasses and a Fembot to spy on!).  Don't miss PWT Barbie and  her no-good husband, Pull-My-Finger Fred!  Newest toy set...Abdul's Slaves - you can buy your own real, live tiny slaves!
Look! Not NEW!  ABDUL STRIKES BACK!  Banzai bear on an anti-terrorist tour
SXSW 2002  Abdul and Russell Crowe?  It's true!
Banned in Austin Abdul's first live-action movie, Jetblast, is banned!
B.I.(Bear Intelligence)  Is it A.I. or is it real? Talk to Abdulbot
Tiki Party  Abdul at a tiki bar with flaming drinks and good leis!
  Battle of the Alamo Abdul and friends re-enact the famous battle
Abdul at the Alamo The bear goes to San Antonio
Hail Caesar Abdul! You may now pay tribute
Lights!...Cameras!...Abdul!  Abdul on a movie set! Sex! Starlets! Stunts!
A Bear in the Woods  Abdul at Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia
Abdul's Animation Gallery Guide to Abdul's award-winning art.
Bear Bitch Project  Abdul won an award!  Read the great reviews!
ME   Abdul/s ad campaign for his perfume: ME (odor de bear).
Southwest Airlines Peanut Protest  
    Abdul gets a response from the CEO of Southwest Airlines!
Abdul takes over Yahoo!  Abdul tours Yahoo headquarters in Silicon Valley.  What he finds will astound you - whips, tarantulas, gorgeous women... and you get to see it all!


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